In our relations with our customers, suppliers and investors, our most fundamental value is transparency and honesty. To fulfill our commitments in a timely and complete manner, to establish long-term and trust-based relationships is one of our most important principles.

Innovation Based on Tradition

At every step we take, in every new project we carry out, we search and find innovations and build innovation, sometimes based on our solid foundation based on traditions.

Customer Orientation

For Mi’Marin Yapı, the customer is the most important asset. To ensure the satisfaction of our customers and the sustainability of satisfaction, to maintain our strong ties with them at all times is one of our most important values.


We strive to overcome ourselves in every new project, to make a difference and to achieve perfection.

Continuous Improvement

Based on the awareness that continuous development is the basis of success, with both trainings and seminars received from professional consultants internally and externally, developing the knowledge and skills of our employees, one of the most valued parts of Mi’marin Yapı, is one of our most important values.


The experience, trust and values that have been formed by years of experience and the realization of numerous projects have made Mi’Marin Yapı a unifying and integrative structure that collects many investors in a common point.

Creating Operational and Functional Spaces

With the principle of creating living spaces with minimum area loss and maximum use of living space, we reflect theoperationality and functionality to all our projects.


As a company that produces permanent values such as housing, it is important for us to make you feel that you are leaving your family and loved ones behind at a safe space peacefully. It is the foundation of Mi’Marin İnşaat to produce time-defining structures using long-lasting and robust materials, without compromising quality.