42 years of experience in the construction industry, our experienced team, innovations provided by technology, the different perspective brought by working with the third generation in the sector, the reflection of our new vision and targets on our projects, gives us the excitement and enthusiasm feelings like last project will be our best work. We are fortunate, it is a great source of happiness and honor for us to have a project out of nothing, to give it shape and spirit, to complete it carefully, to follow that work for years. More importantly, it is to establish strong and lasting relationships with our customers.

One of the most important principles of our company, which challenges the years and produces projects valued every day, is to share its profitability with its customers.

With our vision that gives us direction at all times, we are proud to live and enjoy the advantages of being a strong and reliable company that fulfills its goals prematurely. We, as Mahir & Ekin Vural İnşaat, adopted the principle of keeping the warmth of the family company and the systematics of the corporate company together, and we continue to share this trust and excitement with our new partnership we founded on 2008, Mi’Marin Yapı.