Mi'Marin Ayayorgi 3

We started the work of our new project, 500 meters ahead of the Mi'Marin Ayayorgi project that we have delivered in the most valuable location of Çeşme. Our project, which we plan to start the construction of in the new season under the name of Mi'Marin Ayayorgi 3, is designed as 2 detached villas in 4 + 1 concept.

The Mi'Marin Ayayorgi 3 project is located 7 minutes from Çeşme Marina, 8 minutes from Boyalık Beach, 11 minutes from Ilıca Beach and 6 minutes (500 meters) from Ayayorgi Bay.

To make a preliminary request, you can send an e-mail to bilgi@mimarinyapi.com.tr or contact Mi’Marin Yapı officials from the customer information line 0232 446 0 406.