Mi'Marin Sakızlı Koy

In our Mi'Marin Sakızlı Koy project, the villas are located in a position overlooking the sea, thanks to the elevation difference in the land. Mi'Marin Sakızlı Koy Villas, which is 300 meters walking distance to the sea, consists of a total of 20 villas in the 4 + 1 concept on 13,000 m2 of land. In addition to the detached gardens, the project includes a communal outdoor swimming pool designed for 20 villas.


Mi'Marin Sakızlı Koy project is located 3 minutes from Sakızlı Koy Beach, 6 minutes from Dalyan Marina, 8 minutes from Ayayorgi Beach, and 12 minutes from Çeşme Marina and Çeşme Center.