Mi’Marin Ilıca Villas

“Have this dream…”

 Mi’Marin Yapı has invited people who love nature, sea, fish, sailing, surfing and living to have this dream with Mi’Marin Ilıca project and have delivered it to the owners in 2012.

 Mi’Marin Ilıca is a building complex villa project consisting of 8 single villas located in the area which is 5 minutes walk from Ilıca Beach in the Ilıca construction site. In the design of the project, a system was created in which the advantages of being a building complex were offered to the residents while the villas were located on an independent basis.

The large gardens of Mi’Marin Ilıca Villas, which carry the lines of modern architecture, are shaped according to the Mediterranean landscape.

The villas have wooden facades and the lower floor and two separate terraces on the upper floor. In this way, independent living spaces have been created for the residents of the villa to enjoy their family and to enjoy their individuality.

In the kitchen, all the details are designed to make your life easier and beautified by creating a wide range of movement.