Mi’Marin Dalyan Marina Villas

Mi’Marin Dalyan Marina Villas, consisting of boutique villas near the sea, have come to life in Çeşme Dalyan, one of the most beautiful bays of Çeşme, as a reflection of Mi’Marin Yapı's boutique design approach, uncompromising quality, innovative approach and original design power.

Each of the villas in Mi'Marin, which are delivered to their owners in 2012, are designed to dominate the sea by taking advantage of the natural level difference of the land. Ideal for those who want to live in a sheltered, quiet life in one of the most valuable bays of Çeşme with the view of Dalyan Marina and islands, each of the villas is built on 1 acre parcels.

Mi’Marin Dalyan Marina Villas, which were designed with the logic of a single villa beyond the understanding of the building complex, also have its own large gardens, sun terraces and detached swimming pools.

Mi’Marin welcomes the residents of Dalyan Marina through all seasons with its unique architecture, various social and cultural facilities, and the natural lifestyle that blends naturalness with comfort.