Mi’Marin Dalyan

One Side in Dalyan, One Side in Ayayorgi

Leave the city noise, business stress and everything you want to get away from. You will dive into a blue dream in Mi’Marin Dalyan, which blows every shade of blue and forgets where you are.

Mi’Marin Dalyan Villas, which come to life as a reflection of Mi’Marin Yapı's boutique design approach, quality approach, innovative approach and original design power. It is specially designed for those who want to live 4 seasons together with its concept, serenity and dynamism that suits Çeşme, a sea city.

Mi’Marin Dalyan consists of 9 detached villas on 5713 m2 area with its own large gardens, 4 + 1 concept, unique nature, terraces and swimming pools.
It has professional site management, 24 hour security and outdoor parking.