Reflection of Heaven on Earth

Built by Mi’Marin YAPI on beachside at Çeşme’s most valuable bay Boyalık, “Mi’Costa Boyalık” was delivered at 2013.

With its patios, private pier, beach and doors that open to the sea, Mi’Costa was designed with a concept of heaven on earth. Using osmos technology to refine seawater into drinking water, Mi’Costa is designed to be eco-friendly.

Whole building, common areas, building entrance and exits are monitored 24/7 with latest technology security systems. There are glass elevators to access different floors from parking lot, reflection pools located on staircases and different staircases on each floor.

There are social areas such as outdoor swimming pool, heated indoor pool, thermal pool, sun terrace, private beaches and pier adjacent to sea, pilates studio, steamroom, massage room, lounges, game rooms, libraries and parking lots included in the project.