Florium Park I & II

The Florium Park Project, named after the God of Flowers Flora in Mythology, is located 100 meters away from Çeşme Yacht Marina, which is a good opportunity for users who wish to be a part of the new constructions to be created on this area after it was denationalized, consists of 3 phases and 45 independent parts.

The first phase of the project is designed as 4 blocks with 3 floors each built on an area of ​​2760 m². 4 blocks are located in the middle to form an interior courtyard of 700 m²and a 100 m²pool is designed for common use.

The inner courtyard that supports the common life within the complex is also the transportation point of the hobby areas and fitness center, which is another privileged feature of the Florium Park project.

The architectural approach and technical infrastructure of the houses are suitable for summer and winter use. In the project, which offers the indispensable elements of a modern and comfortable life to its users, services such as 24-hour security, swimming pool, hobby areas and fitness forehead are provided with a professional management accompanied by residence management services.

Florium Park's 2nd and 3rd phases are the continuation of 1st phase. The buildings and landscaped buildings, which are located around the wide street including the public parking areas, reveal the identity of the people at the moment you step into the street and the people feel themselves in a different atmosphere.