Cyssus Villas

Cyssus, the name of Çeşme in primeval days, has given its name to the site, which consists of 11 villas in the Ilıca region of MEV Construction. Cyssus Villas consist of detached and twin villas built on an area of 6506 m² starting from the old Çeşme-İzmir road and reaching to the sea.

In the Cyssus Villas Project, the designs that respond to the wishes of the users, which are environmentally friendly and oriented according to the climate, and the materials that are suitable for this climate are applied.

Since the project is built for the purpose of summer life, interior space-outdoor harmony is very important. When the transition is made between them, a harmony has been achieved in such a way that the integrity of the spaces is not distorted. All villas are considered as a whole with their interior and exterior spaces. Solar control is provided with terraces covered with roof and wide canopies.

On the facade of the building, the whole scenery can be read from outside by using consoles, terraces and color expressing different functions.

The fragmented, lean geometric forms in the modern and functionalist architecture of the Cyssus Villas were painted with different colors on the front and the expression was strengthened. These colors, which are carefully selected and composed of special blends, have inspired many projects and architects over time.

Each villa is located on the terrace with a view of the inner courtyard with pool and communal living area. While doing this, privacy is preserved amongst themselves.

Horizontal and vertical elements with visual effects increased by painting in different colors...

The villas are positioned to see the terraces, the pool and the inner courtyard with communal living space.

The wedges of different sizes and thicknesses emphasized the distinction between the building eaves and the outer walls, creating a complete rhythm on the exterior. Painted with the same color in the eaves, these wedges increased the richness of the buildings in the 3rd Dimension with light shade plays.

Thanks to the attention to detail, a peaceful and comfortable living area is offered to the users.