Mi’Kora Boyalık Villas Are Delivered

Mi’Marin Yapı, which has built privileged and prestigious residences without any sacrifice in quality and which creates brand new living spaces in Çeşme, has started life in Mikora Boyalık Villas with the slogan “anew, once again”. Mi’kora Boyalık Villas, which are world famous and only 40 meters away from the Boyalık bay of Çeşme, which has the most precious bays of the country,  is the work of Durmuş Dilekçi who has been nominated for 2014 Architecture Awards.

Close enough to touch the sea, with the modernized powerful interpretation of Mediterranean architecture, Mikora Boyalik Villas offer the advantages of being a building complex as well as the privilege of living for the residents.

All the Mi’kora Boyalık Villas which have been delivered to the owners have their own garden, pool and terrace.